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Before you start writing essay you should know well what you are going to write.

You can search the Internet or the local library about your topic. You can ask the library manager for help to find the best free ones that will help you in your research.

Many professors do not like you to use Wikipedia as a source of information, find out if your teacher accepts it or not before starting your writing. Find out what kind of bibliographies your teacher is looking for that you use for your essay.

How to evaluate the source of information:

Author or creator: What are the author’s credentials (type of education, written books, experience) in this area? Have you seen the author quoted in other sources ?. Respectable authors are frequently cited by other scholars.

Year of publication: Is the information source up to date? Medical or scientific issues must have a current source of information. Humanities issues occupy that have been written for many years.

Edition: Is it the first edition? If the source has several editions, it requires updates.
Who published the source?

Search and analyze other well-done essays on your topic

Look for essays of your subject that you are going to write, and ask yourself, what is it that makes the essay well written?

One of the most effective ways to develop your writing skills is to analyze someone else’s writing.

Seeing many writing styles, and different ways of approaching a topic is very helpful.

In the age of the Internet, it is very easy to find essays to review on any subject. Consider the following examples:

  • Professional examples An excellent place to start is through essays written by professionals. You will see how a professional structures and creates the essay, apart from the fact that the professional’s argument will be very helpful when writing your essay
  • Internet examples – The world of the Internet offers a world of information – and this includes tens of thousands of trials. There are many essays on the Internet about your topic that can help you.
  • Blogs – Search blogs from respectable authors that can give you ideas to write your essay.

Brainstorm to start with your writing

Brainstorming is a method that students can use to generate ideas to write their essay. Here your goal is to put your thoughts on paper without worrying about being organized, if they make sense or that you could fit your thoughts with one another.

Example: if your topic is “The importance of the curriculum vitae to find a good job”, try to put all your ideas of why it is important to write a resume well done on paper without taking into account how good or not. Since you put everything you came up with, select the best ones to do your essay.

This did not work for everyone, there are people who brainstorm is not very helpful to other people if it is.