How to Unblock a Sink? Easy Way to Unblock Your Sink Effortlessly

washing the dishes. The reason for this is that there are some pieces of food that remain with the bend of the drainage. There they are stored and then eventually they clog up. If you’re working in the kitchen and the sink overflows, and all the dirty water is either on your close or on your feet. This may indeed be a disastrous situation for you. So this states that there is no need for calling the plumber. As just reading this article you will be able to unclog your sink and work as you do. You can unblock your sink and let that water run again as it was earlier. Indeed after reading this article and the tactics are able to do the best for your sink and also you will save time, efforts, and money as well. There are many methods that are prevalent that you can use to unclog your sink. But who knows they’re going to be effective? Keep in mind a stubborn sink doesn’t open that easily.

Let’s see how to unblock your sink.

Blockthe flow that is coming upward:

You can block the water flow that is coming upwards in your sink and then running outside your tub. You can do it by the means of an old towel or the kitchen cloth. This is the easiest and the most practiced method that is used at home. However, this works too.

Make use of a plunger:

Yes, this is again one of the most effective methods which are used when you have a sink blocked. Use a plunger and make sure you have running water at the top. When you fix the plunger on the drainage hole, it will create a vacuum over there. When you pull and push the plunger vacuum is going to release the blockage. This happens when there is an air and the air pushes the entire blockage. But what if you don’t have a plunger? Let’s see.

When you do not have a plunger:

There are some home remedies as well, which you can do when you don’t have a plunger at home and you have a blocked sink. If you want to remove the dirt that is stuffed in it, then it is most beneficial to use the baking soda and the vinegar technique. All you need is baking soda, a bottle of vinegar, and some hot water to drop on top of it. This is the most going good and the best method that you can make use off. This not being pricey is yet effective because when baking soda and the vinegar are combined they make a reaction. This reaction is going to this dislodge the dirt stuffed and open your sink.

The vinegar and water technique

If you do not have the baking soda at home, then it is more likely that you will be having vinegar. A bottle of vinegar and some extremely hot water is going to do some magic with you. You can put the vinegar; make sure to put an entire cup or two in the sink. On top of it put some extremely hot water so that the dirt flushes out. The vinegar is a little in nature and it has got some pungent smell as well. But we think that a pungent smell is better than that of a clogged thing.

Soda crystals or biological washing powder

If you do not like the smell of vinegar and you don’t want any for the mess in your kitchen then the soda crystals or the biological washing powder is going to do some sweet treat for you. When you use them it will be assured that there is no bad smile in your kitchen. Definitely, this works too. Put 3 to 4 tablespoons of soda crystals or a washing powder in the drainage, topping it again with a lot of hot water.


Use long extended wires, that our firm and stiff. The reason for using them is they are going to unplug the sink. And all the water that is flowing will run towards the drain. You just have to be careful with one thing and that is that you need to make straight stroke so that you do not puncture the pipe of the drain.

Clean the drainage hole by yourself:

What do you can do is you can unplug or unscrew the drain that has been very blocked. Just unplug or take it out from the drain, clean it manually by your hands making sure that you have both some gloves on so that you do not come intact with the dirt. Manually clean all the dirt and the food pieces that are in it. This is the easiest method for cleaning the drain however this can be messy for some people.